We regret that APEL will be closing temporarily and will not be accepting any further applications for psychotherapy at the present time

How to start – contact APEL

Complete the form below for an initial consultation appointment.

The initial consultation over one or two sessions will be arranged with a psychotherapist from APEL. These sessions will provide an opportunity to discuss the issues that are troubling you, and to talk about what therapy involves.

Consideration will be given to the frequency of sessions and whether psychoanalytic psychotherapy would be helpful.

Consideration will also be given to your geographical and financial situation.

If psychotherapy seems to be appropriate, you will be referred to a suitable psychotherapist.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy can help to bring understanding to difficulties that can interfere with leading a fulfilled and satisfying life…

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About APEL, its member therapists and the areas covered…

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Low cost one year psychoanalytic psychotherapy &
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